Scholarship Fund

History, purpose and activities

The Fund was established by former pupils of Rishworth School by a Deed of Trust dated 11 May 1954 and varied by means of resolutions of the Old Rishworthian Club dated 19 October 1968 and 8 May 2005. It is regulated by statute and the Charities Commission.

The principal activities of the Fund are to provide bursaries or scholarships to pupils attending Rishworth School who are in need of financial assistance for educational purposes.

All the Fund’s available resources are therefore currently employed in the provision of bursaries to pupils attending Rishworth School, who, but for this assistance, would not be able to take advantage of the education which the School offers.

Over the 59 years of its existence, the Fund has been the provider of last resort to many children whose parents sought the benefit of an education at Rishworth for their child which would not have been available but for the existence of the Fund.

The Fund is entirely independent of the School but the Trustees work in close consultation with the Headmaster and his staff in making awards and monitoring the progress of recipients through the School. All awards are made from the income derived from the Fund’s investments and other assets which currently exceed £400k.

At present the Fund is assisting with the education of 3 pupils at various stages in their school careers.  It is the stated objective of the Trustees to increase the financial resources of the Fund to a size which will enable it to support 6 pupils at School.


The Trustees welcome donations, particularly from Old Rishworthians who have benefitted from bursaries and scholarships themselves, to ensure that they can continue their efforts helping current and future pupils benefit from an education at Rishworth School.

The Fund’s charitable status enables it to recover income tax from one off and regular donations under Gift Aid which means that every £100 received in this way is worth £125 to the Fund. This form of giving is tax efficient for the donor as well as the Fund.

In addition bequests under wills also attract relief from the inheritance tax payable by the donor’s estate again as a result of the Fund’s charitable status. 

If you feel able to help the Fund financially in any way please contact the Fund Treasurer, Robert Rawkins (contact details below).

Donations can be made via the link below to our PayPal account; they can be one off or set up as a monthly contribution.

Administration and the role of Trustees

The Fund is administered by Trustees whose functions are considered to be as follows:

  • The achievement of the Fund's objectives
  • Compliance with statute law in relation to Charities
  • The effective stewardship of the Fund's assets
  • Liaison with the School and fellow Trustees in the making of awards and monitoring of recipients' progress
  • The ensuring of an orderly succession in the composition of the Trustees
  • The ensuring of the Fund's capacity to financially support the School's needs

There are currently 9 trustees, 7 of whom were educated at Rishworth. They come from a range of backgrounds including law, banking, accountancy and the business world. The 2 non Old Rishworthian Trustees are the current Bursar and immediate past Bursar to the School.

New trustees

The majority of the existing trustees are aged over 65 and have served for periods in excess of 10 years. By general agreement it is now appropriate to appoint new Trustees who possess the following personal characteristics.

  • A passion for private education generally and Rishworth School in particular, and a desire to further both causes
  • Possessed of skills or experience which will benefit the Fund
  • A proven connection with the School either as a former pupil, current or former member of staff, or an ex parent.  It may be possible to appoint a current parent as Trustee but such a role would be subject to restrictions.  It is not necessary to be a former pupil in order to be a Trustee.
  • Aged between 25 to 55

The time commitment of trustees without specific responsibilities is the attendance of one meeting per annum and email communication throughout the year. For those trustees involved in sub committees such as investment matters or finance the time commitment may be significantly greater. It is anticipated that in future Trustees should not serve for a period greater than 8 years. This limitation does not apply to the School Bursar.  

If you are interested in helping the work of the Fund by becoming a Trustee please contact the Chairman of the Trustees, James Gartside (contact details below).

Trustee details                                                             

James Gartside* (Chairman)   

John Whittaker*

Robert Rawkins* (Treasurer)     

Marc Gledhill*

Richard Harrison*

Peter Warburton*

Michelle Ringland*

Michael Schofield

Joanne Clague (School Bursar)

Please contact any of the Trustees via

*Old Rishworthian


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